Power of customization !

Showcase your style statement and bring perfection to your clothing with custom fits. We, at ‘her,’ fabricate made-to measure dresses for you with scalable designs up to XXXL besides the standard sizes. We usually take a seam in of up to 4 inches to facilitate alterations in every garment.

Our adept team of tailors knows the ins & outs of tailoring. We collaboratively work with them adhering to the rules of sustainable stitching such as tailoring the right number of stitches per inch. We offer alterations like loosening up of a figure-hugging by tailoring a zipper, letting out the side seam, or cutting a side slit. We also accommodate the alterations in sleeves or streamlining the silhouettes to add extra elegance to your outfit. Making a précised curved slit from a straight one or altering the length of an outfit, re-tailoring the slits, or resizing the neck area – We hem everything to perfection!

We don’t believe in compromising on your fits and encourage you to let your outfits compliment you! Scale your confidence with designer pieces by highlighting your personal style. Bring your own ideas and let our creativity resonate with your imagination!  Buy smart and let your favorite outfits outlast by getting them customized in your own size and color .


Give us your measurements and we will customize your outfit in your size so that the piece fits you beautifully.


Bring in your own designs, colors, cuts and we will transform your visualized idea into a practical outfit. Exciting, isnt it?


Since, every piece will be made to order or customized according to your own preferences, the piece will solely belong to you without worrying how many have tried it before. That means each piece will be Brand New, Untried, Just made for you.